Tazama African Tarot Cards Deck

Tazama means “To See” in Swahili

Tazama African tarot

Will you allow your ancestors to help you see what your eyes have yet to see?

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About us

Abusua Pa

“Abusua Pa” is a black owned publisher, a collaboration between african diaspora. The phrase means “good family” or “family unity” in Fante, a language spoken in central, southern and western regions of Ghana. The bond we have through our ancestors is precisely the connection that is felt in African and diaspora cultures today. Abusua Pa is here to celebrate and remind us of that bond, between African ancestors far and wide, despite our differences. Emphasizing our family unity by focusing on representation in art, Abusua Pa is a brand that will go forth making beautiful things focused on the representation of African and diaspora families.

78 tarot cards

An original, modern African collage art design by Kenyan artist Safara Wanjagi. Connect with real African ancestors from African history. 

Gold foil details

The tarot cards and packaging have beautiful gold stamping and embellishments to give that luxurious feel. The sturdy cards have nice golden edges and a soft touch petal lamination.

Full color booklet

A full color guide book explaining the meaning, reverse meaning and affirmations of each card. Great for beginners including basic spreads to start out with.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazon review Shaundas KnightonKing
Shaundas Knighton Customer

Favorite deck!!! I love this deck so much. The imagery is superb and mystical

review amazon tia monae tazama african tarot
Tia Monae Customer

In love! My new favorite tarot deck. Its so Beautiful And the author is so supportive on social media. I love that they also share the meaning and original imagery on their social media page which shows that each photo was chosen for a reason. This deck has a lot of history in it…black history at that. I just love it so much! You need to get this deck

Yasmin Osman Customer

Overall beautiful deck, but difficult to shuffle Beautiful velvety texture that talks to luxury. The texture makes them a little difficult to shuffle because they get stuck together. The artistry is lovely! Some of the characters were not as clear.