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Love Oracle of Eden is an oracle deck that encourages us to focus on love. Love with the capital L. Love for our partners, romantic interests, family, friends, ourselves and other loved ones. A deck that encourages to seek ultimate harmony, meaning and joy. Also to create a life of love, intention and balance in ones relationships with others and themselves.



Deck made



The art by A.J. Hamilton, also known as the Togfather, is inspired by classical art – but reïnvented to a more diverse and modern day composition. Each card has its unique value depicted in narratives of religion, mythology, history and art. A beautiful collection of sensual, elegant, divine feminine & masculine visual poetry that enables you to create your own garden of Eden.

Love Oracle of Eden

 Deck specs

  • 45 art oracle cards
  • 3,58” x 5.08” inch or 91mm x 129cm card size
  • Thick & sturdy 400 grams art paper
  • Glossy card front lamination, velvety card back lamination
  • Gold foil details + bronze edges
  • Hard cover full colour booklet including all cards meanings and affirmations 
  • “Middle open” flip box
  • Moss green velvet pouch