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Lady Tourmaline

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Hello, I'm Mariana, Tarologist and Astrologer. And I teach you how to decipher the 78 Tarot cards.

✨️ | Deciphering the 78 Tarot Cards 🔮 | Tarot, Astrology and Guided Meditations 📝 | Online Courses and Mentoring 👇🏽 | Call me for a prose!
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Ananda Milea

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Amanda Milea is the imaginative individual who affectionately named her higher Self ‘Ananda Milea’ to whom she gives her deeply felt insights credit. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Amanda is a second-generation settler on the ethnohistoric territory of the Muwekma-Ohlone tribespeople who first occupied the water and land known as the Bay Area.

Beyond the tarot, Amanda is a mother and artist with an affinity for gardening. Her interest in writing, dancing, and mixed media art forms seeks to express the multiplicity of Truth, as explored in her approach to reading cards.

Tarot talks with the Inked Intuitive andTazama African Tarot

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The Inked Intuitive is a Psychic Medium & Tarot Reader.🔮✨ Only account. I will never DM you for a reading. 🚫 Dog mom. #pawsitivevibes 🐾🐾 Cello Player. 🎻 Human. 🤦🏾‍♀️
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Angelica Hanson - @angelicaispsychic on Instagram - is devoted to the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT of women. Her areas of expertise are parapsychology ✷ Consulting ✷ Spiritual Wellness

tarot spiritual awakening with Papa Boko

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Elías Gonzales, also known as Papa Boko - @papa_boko on Instagram - Caribeño historian and also a historian tells his story with tarot, spiritual awakening and his Dominican 21 divisions background.

Benaia Minona oficial tarot stories Tazama African Tarot

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I found in the connection with ancestry the way to my personal power. I am a scholar of spiritual practices within the African continent and the matrigestion of African women.