Abusua Pa – Publisher of Tazama African Tarot and Love Oracle of Eden

About us

“Tazama” means “to see” in Swahili. Connecting with ourselves and our intuition has become such an important aspect in our lives. When going inward, a deep sense of connection to our roots and ancestry is something that many people have been longing for. We know that our ancestors are always with us, giving us the strength and wisdom that we need, if only we would take a moment to listen. What are they whispering? Can the cards make you see the paths that unfold before you?

Tazama African Tarot is a wonderfully crafted collage art that embodies African ancestry through historical images. When Kenyan collage artist Safara Wanjagi approached me, she had finished the major arcana. Her request was whether we would be interested in publishing the deck on our platform, to be part of “Abusua Pa”. Since we use tarot cards in our spiritual journey, we were super excited to co-create and publish a tarot deck that people like ourselves can relate to. We finalised the remaining chapters – cups, wands, pentacles and swords – of the deck and established a deck where spirituality meets modern art and African history. A true collaboration between Africa and her diaspora.

“Abusua Pa” is a collaboration between african diaspora. The phrase means “good family” or “family unity” in Fante, a language spoken in central, southern and western regions of Ghana. The bond we have through our ancestors is precisely the connection that is felt in African and diaspora cultures today. Abusua Pa is here to celebrate and remind us of that bond, between African ancestors far and wide, despite our differences. Emphasizing our family unity by focusing on representation in art, Abusua Pa is a brand that will go forth making beautiful things focused on the representation of African and diaspora families.

This deck and booklet are created for both beginners and advanced readers. As a way to thank our loyal customers, we will have bonus material available soon. For all who are also interested, please subscribe to our newsletter.


We hope you love the cards and their messages!